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Author, Speaker, Iyalawo, Traditional Healer

Author and Spiritual Teacher, known best for her books on the Ifa Orisa Wisdom tradition, spiritual empowerment, and Women's Healing . Through her teachings , she helps transform lives through offering practical insights and applying ancient wisdom to solve modern problems.

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Alafia & Welcome, I am Chief Yele!

Your Spiritual Guide to the next Stage in your Life

I am here for you! Maybe you find yourself at a crossroads, feeling stuck, wrestling with self-doubt, overwhelmed by uncertainty. I’m here to help you find solutions to your problems and elevation in your life.

You are not here by accident…

You are here by destiny. The divine in you has a message and wants you to grow and become the best version of yourself, Id love to share some sacred technology I've learned to help life just be better.

Right now I am glad to say that my entire life is a blessing. But I didn't always feel that way. I used to suffer from depression, low self esteem, anger, bad relationships, no money, difficulty fulfilling my life purpose, and achieving my goals. Im so glad to say, I AM OVER ALL OF IT and I am now living my best life!" I’d love to show you how you can too.

One of the ways I learned to embrace my divine destiny and improve the quality of my life is through the sacred wisdom of my ancestors and the Ifa Orisa Wisdom Tradition. Its tools and processes along with my natural gifts, helped me to solve my problems .and turn my traumas into to triumphs! Now, I would love to help you to do the same. That is why you are here!

Join me on this journey and let me help you help yourself


Years Experience

With over 30 years of experience as a Diviner, Educator, and Medical Professional along with being an elder and chief, I am able to offer you literally a world of experience.

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Professional degrees and have studied under master priests, teachers, healers, and diviners in various traditions worldwide uncommon insight applied in unique progressive ways.


My personal code of honor mandates that I provide practical solutions, treat individuals with respect, and offer fair pricing.

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New Releases

the ultimate

Get your Book of Odu Ifa Today!

Ose Orisa Planner & Self Care Journal

I'm thrilled to offer you my latest creation,

"The Ultimate Wellness Guidebook," an amazing resource designed to ignite your journey to a healthier, more balanced life. Discover actionable steps to enhance your well-being, tailored for individuals at every stage of their journey.

Ase Soul Journey Program Coming 2024

A transformational journey to help you overcome personal self doubt, negative cycles, emotional pain and past trauma and empower you to live your best life as your best self!

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This tier allows you to move through he progrsm at your own pace through on demand video, engaging exercises, and support through email and chat.

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Full Immersion

This tier is 10 weeks and allows for more engagement through a combination of online content with group engagement. You will meet weekly to receive direct support from coaching as well as with your peers.

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The ultimate tier that includes all the benefits of tier two but adds the added support with 4 personal sessions to offer more privacy and help with more challenging issues


Payment plans available

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Success Stories

What my clients have to say ​about working with me

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five star rating
five star rating
five star rating

“Life-altering experience!

Chief Yele’s guidance and divination brought clarity and purpose. Grateful for the transformative journey.

Highly recommended!”

Lisa James

“Chief Yele has the talent and Skill to literally save lives. From mental health crisis to spiritual health refinement - she literally does it all.

Aquarius Maximus

"Exceptional! Chief Ayele’s wisdom and support reshaped my mindset.

I am grateful for a transformative experience. Highly recommend

her !"

Brian Evans

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For beginners and advanced learners.

Ori Institute is a school for the study of Spiritual Technology of Africa, it’s Diaspora, & Other indigenous studies.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


What is the Ifa Orisa Tradition

It is a wisdom tradition from West Africa that has spread across the world via the African Diaspora. It is rooted in the wisdom nature and ancestral spiritual technology. Today there are many approaches but at its core is the focus on alignment with your highest destiny and improving the quality of your life.


What is an Iyalawo or Yeyelawo?

An Iyalawo is an experienced priestess in the Ifa Orisa tradition of West Africa who has undergone years of training in an apprenticeship under the guidance of an elder and authorized to facilitate ceremony and services using the technology of that tradition. Her male counterpart is Babalawo.


What makes your approach to Ifa Orisa unique?

My approach is practical and from the perspective of a woman and an African Diasporan, and a Mystic. I approach Ifa from an esoteric and progressive perspective focusing rather than conservative fundamentalist doctrine.


How do Divinations Work

Divinations are not fortune telling but spiritual consultations that provide insight and solutions for life using ancient sacred technologies. They give an assessment of the situation and suggest spiritual work for best results, similar to going to a doctor and getting a prescription.

How are Pesonal Sessions with Chief Yele?


Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes and are conducted over the phone. Video sessions are available for additional because of set up time. Divinations are often done prior to call to allow for more time to discuss. Additional clarifying questions can be asked during session. Some sessions include detailed reports. Recording is permitted and you are advised to take notes for the session.


How do I get started?

Getting tarted can involve scheduling a consultation to discuss your needs or a divination to determine your path. From there we determine next steps.

Contact me

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Chief Dr Ayele Kumari


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Chief Ayele is the Co Founder of

Ashe Soul Global Village

and. Directot of Ori Institute

St. Louis, Mo